What is A and B Test?



What is A and B test?

This test is a process that allows us to make a comparison between our 2 products. In this way, we release product a according to the same conditions as product b. For example, we have 2 internet websites. The first website has its own ui and ux, and the second website has its own ui and ux. Now we publish both websites. This allows us to know which website or product our customers like the most. A/B testing is usually done on live web pages.

Advantages of testing A and B

A/B testing can help you choose the best content or marketing strategy for an online business. A/B testing, also known as split testing or bucket testing, is an online experiment with two types and a random 50% split of users between the different types to determine better performance. Other benefits of A/B testing include:

  • Solve user problems
  • Reduce Bounce Rate
  • Make low-risk fixes
  • Analyze statistical data
  • Make yourself more profitable by redesigning your website

Common mistakes in A/B testing

1: Lack of planning for optimization

2: Testing too many elements together 

3: Ignoring statistical significance 

4: Using unbalanced traffic 5: Testing for an incorrect duration

Review statistics in A/B testing

A/B testing relies on statistical tests to determine which of the two options being tested is more effective. The statistical tests used during an A/B test depend on whether discrete or continuous measures are used for comparison. Discrete metrics have specific values, are countable, or are binary, such as on/off or true/false settings. Examples of specific values ​​are: click rate or CTR, conversion rate and bounce rate. The key point is that statistical tests are critical to A/B testing.

Google Ads and A/B testing

You can run A/B tests on ads with Google Ads. Performance marketers also rely on A/B testing to identify the best performing pages. Google Optimization allows you to run A/B tests on your website content to find out what works best for your visitors.

Because A/B testing takes time and money, it’s important to be strategic and selective about the ads you and your team decide to test.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online platform for Google through which we can create and manage our advertising campaigns. Also, by receiving useful and diverse reports, we obtain important statistics.

We can create advertising campaigns with the a/b test method.

What is Google Analytics

According to Wikipedia definitionm, Google Analytics is a free service designed by Google that shows the statistics of visitors to a website. This achievement is used by marketers and webmasters to analyze the web.

This system offers the possibility of checking and analyzing inputs, input pages, logged in users, user activities, time of presence and their exit route. In this way, a wide range of information will be available to the site management.

Get statistics through Google Analytics

Also, through Google Analytics, you can see the statistics of each page of your website in Google Analytics. You can also view your a/b test reports in Google Analytics.

Increase sales with A/B testing

One of the reasons for doing a/b testing is to find very small but effective changes in increasing sales. Certainly, no site is designed in the best possible way from the beginning. For this reason, it is necessary to make small changes on the site based on the behavior of the customers of a site in order to increase the number of visits to the site due to the increase in user satisfaction.

How much time is required for this test?

A/B testing is not an experiment that will give you results overnight. The duration of the test depends on the traffic of your site and can take a few days or a few weeks. If the duration of the test is short, not many people will participate in it and it will not give you an accurate result. On the other hand, if the duration is long, other variables may be involved during the experiment and make it difficult to control the situation.

Common terms in A/B testing

  • Hubspot: performs A/B testing on email messages and landing pages.
  • Optimizely: offers A/B testing for a variety of touchpoints in the customer journey.
  • Intellemize: helps personalize web pages with machine learning and what can be considered continuous A/B testing.

Examples of A/B testing (Netflix)

Netflix personalizes the homepage based on each user’s profile. They decide how many rows are placed on the home screen and which shows and movies are included in the rows, based on users’ streaming history and preferences. They follow the same trend with movie title pages. Based on what titles users are more likely to watch, whether they click on the thumbnails they see and the title text that entices them, or social proof (how many people watched that movie) help them make decisions, personalize each user’s display home pages.

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