Tips on what to design and how to design

Khashayar Shomali

Khashayar Shomali

Senior UI/UX Product Designer.

As designers, we are often keen to share information and give advice. This is important for the growth of our industry and colleagues. I myself have learned a lot from experienced UI designers, UX designers, developers and other product design professionals. And i’m still learning every day, there’s something powerful about that in our industry. There is no limit to what we can discover as practitioners.

However, we can also easily get stuck in a single thought pattern about what to design and how to design. Starting a new project with the misguided thinking of “this is the way to develop ABC” instead of “what are business goals, customer goals, problems we want to solve, brand and emotions we want to convey, etc.”


Your design is just like you. it needs to breathe! This is the single mistake that can ruin your interface.

Soft background

Do not use background colors that stand out. Use light colors that are not intrusive and not attention-grabbing.

Content minimalism

Keep what’s necessary. Ask yourself – what is the main functionality of this screen? Start with that.

Less colors

Use less colors, Start by designing monochromatic wireframes, and apply color ONLY when necessary. Not too much thought.

Khashayar Shomali

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