3 types of primary research methods used in UX (User Experience)

Khashayar Shomali

Khashayar Shomali

Senior UI/UX Product Designer.

Why UX research plays a vital role in the product development life cycle?


UX research focuses on understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation and feedback.

Research is crucial to creating a product that satisfies users.

 1.Foundational Research

Foundational research happens during the brainstorming stage to help you empathize with users, understand their needs, and inspire new design directions.

 2. Design Research

Design research happens during the design stage to help inform your designs, fit user’s needs, and reduce risk.

 3. Post-launch Research

Post-launch Research happens after the launch stage to help validate that the product meets user needs through established metrics.

Khashayar Shomali

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