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Who We Are?

We are two professional software engineering students from IRAN, named Khashayar Shomali and M.H. Khan Mohammadi, who intend to help others interested in the field of UI/UX Design by presenting our learnings for free.

Good design is all you need!

We help businesses to convert their ideas into successful mobile applications and websites through strategy, creativity and technology.

Our Team

Khashayar Shomali

Senior UI/UX Designer.

Mohammad Hossein

Digital Marketing Specialist.

Our Finest Skills

App Development
UI Design
Digital Marketing
Web Development

Our Portfolio

Why uixwithme?

What is necessary for us to learn UI/UX design skill well? & frequently asked questions.

Wait. First What is UI/UX Design?

UI/UX design is the combination of art and science that involves user research, visual design, and interaction design, which is important to know because it ensures digital products and services are efficient, effective, and user-friendly while also meeting business goals.

What do we need to get started in UI/UX Design?

To get started in UI/UX design, you need to have a strong foundation in graphic design principles, knowledge of design software, an understanding of user-centered design, and familiarity with web design and development.

How can I reach the highest level in UI/UX?

To reach the highest level in UI/UX, you need to continuously learn and improve your skills, stay up-to-date with industry trends, collaborate with other professionals, and develop a deep understanding of user needs and behaviors and follow uixwithme's blog.

What was uixwithme founded for?

uixwithme was founded to help UI/UX design enthusiasts have an easy and free resource to learn.

Who is the founder of uixwithme?

The founder of uixwithme is Khashayar Shomali, a UI/UX developer with more than 2 years of experience in this field and 20 real work samples.

What topics do we cover at uixwithme?

We focus on creating an attractive, user-friendly, and consistent interface to enhance the user experience and contribute to a successful product or service.

How can we get in touch with the uixwithme team?

There are several ways of communication between us and you:

1- Go to the contact us page and send us your request.
2- Visit our social networks.
3- Get in touch with our official email at
4- Send a message directly to our contact number on WhatsApp.

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